The following flow chart illustrates the stages from the discovery of oil to the sale of petrol in the filling station.

Sumarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparision where relevant

You should write at least 150 words.

A Sample Answer on IELTS Task- 1(Flow Chart)

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Mohammad Faysal Hossain

The given flow chart depicts different stages of oil production starting from the discovery of oil and ending with the sale of petrol in the filling station.

Overall, it can be said from the flow chart that production of petrol is a complex process including eight clear stages.

First of all, oil is to be located in the field where pipelines, at the second stage, are fixed to pump oil through them. Later, it is stored in the storage tanks to set off further process. Refining oil, one of the most important processes, is taken place at this stage through which we get various products such as petrol.

At stage five, refined products, such as petrol, diesel, are kept in separate storage tanks from where they are generally transported to various patrol stations across the country. Here, petrol is stored in large underground tanks maintaining risk issues. Now, petrol is ready to be sold. Finally, it is pumped into car tanks using oil dispenser.

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